There are lots of reasons to love Thanksgiving. You get to spend time with family. You can sit back on a cold fall day and enjoy the company of friends. You can take time off from work. And you can eat PIE all day.

Thanksgiving is the pie holiday for me. I know some enjoy pie in July - Cherry, Blueberry

Photo by Justin Sullivan for Getty Images News
Photo by Justin Sullivan for Getty Images News

and such but there is nothing like a good piece of pecan or pumpkin pie and lets face it they only taste their best on thanksgiving. You can add ice cream or whipped cream, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that when you sit down to dinner you leave room for pie.

I have actually know people who put their pie right on their dinner plate so they are sure to leave room. I go for the strategy that you enjoy a great turkey dinner. Let it digest with a nap in front of football. Then when you wake thinking I might need another nibble of turkey you head straight for the pie instead. Pumpkin or Pecan or Both. I say both - gobble gobble.




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