I hate to even bring it up but Hudson Valley it is time to start thinking about the items that should be in your car for the winter. We have already had a frost. Some nights have dipped below the freezing mark. It is time to winterize the inside and outside of your car.

If you are one of the many people who drive around the Hudson Valley in winter weather you know it can get a bit dicey out there. The highway crews there best to keep up but sometimes you are just out there when the weather turns that ugly icey snowy corner.

What AAA Say to Do to Have Your Car Winter Ready Hudson Valley

You definitely want to be prepared. AAA has a very comprehensive list you can use to get your car ready for the bad weather. Don't wait to take a look at their list which includes simple things like checking your battery life, your tire pressure, and windshield fluid.

Intense Winter Storm Brings Multiple Feet Of Lake Effect Snow To Buffalo Area
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They also have a list of what you should have for an emergency kit. It includes drinking water, non-perishable snacks, and don't forget a flashlight with fresh batteries.

One Thing Every Hudson Valley Car Needs to Get Through This Winter

These lists and reminders are always great but they can be pretty generic. So what is the one thing you should keep in your car during the winter that is specific to the Hudson Valley? A local gift card.

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This might be where you are asking what is a gift card going to do for me if I am stuck in the snow in my car. Well hopefully you have followed the AAA list and done all of those things to be prepared, the gift card is to say thank you to the person who comes to your rescue.


Why a gift card and why local? Good question,  because not only have you kept your dollars local which is awesome but when and if you have a good samatian help you out of a winter jam you can give them a gift card for their generosity. Maybe put it in a thank you card ready to go in the glove compartment or center console.

They say this winter may be rough so plan on getting a few gift cards just in case and if you end up never giving them out then you can treat yourself to something great from a local business in the Spring of 2024.

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