If you are anything like me you are ready to put away all your winter wear. It is mid-May and the flip flops in the back of the closet are calling your name. But be wary though of turning over too fast. Even though we are enjoying a nice week of weather we still aren't up to the flip flop season just yet.

Spring footwear if you ask me is hard to select. You want to make sure your feet are warm when you head out the door but at the same time by mid-day up, you are wishing your toes were hanging out the front of a pair of open toes somethings, so what is the solution?

What Shoes to Wear in the Hudson Valley in Spring

Close up on big pile of colorful woman shoes.

Easy, keep a pair of warm weather shoes in the car. That's right, travel around with extra shoes in the car so when your footwear mood changes mid-day you aren't stuck in your socks and shoes that say fall more than spring. Pack your favorite sandals plus your Wellies and you will be ready for any weather.

Whatever you do be sure that the warm weather shoes can go with any outfit. I once had a pair of purple open toes sandals that looked great with nothing unless I was dressed for the beach. Don't make that mistake.

And yes if it still isn't quite sandal weather bare feet are definitely out. Bare feet are for July and August in New York.

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