Another reason why I love living in the Hudson Valley.

One way or another we have all been affected by these hard times and when we see something that is being done to help, we have to spread the word. While I was driving my kids home the other day, I drove past something that I had to find out more about.

I was driving on New Hackensack Road from Poughkeepsie into Wappingers Falls, when I drove past a tent and a table set up on the side of the road. It looked out of place with all the snow we've gotten over the last few weeks, but there were a bunch of cars on the side of the road and people standing near the table. It looked like it might have been a yard sale, so I slowed down to investigate...LOL! If you know anything about me I have a hard time passing a yard sale without stopping and that's what I thought it was.

It wasn't a yard sale, BUT it was something that is really special. It was something called a "Sharing Table" and after doing a little research I found out that it's been going on for a while now. The concept is simple, people can make donations of things that they think other folks might need in these tough times and the woman who runs this specific table put the items out for anyone who needs them. All they need to do is stop by the Poughkeepsie Sharing Table at 1884 New Hackensack Road in Poughkeepsie, weekends between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and they can take what they need.

According to a Facebook post from a few weeks ago, each weekend they get completely wiped out of supplies, so if anyone reading this is able to donate, please feel free to stop by anytime during the week and drop off donations at 1884 New Hackensack Rd.

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