A Dutchess County tow truck company that allegedly illegally towed cars in Poughkeepsie is now being forced to pay restitution to customers.

A City of Poughkeepsie towing company that has done business in Poughkeepsie under various names including "Bobby's Auto Repair" and "Bobby's Towing and Recovery" has lost a battle in Dutchess County State Supreme Court with New York Attorney General Letitia James.

"Predatory" Poughkeepsie Tow Truck Company Goes Down in Court

AG James announced in a press release that her office secured a court victory against the "predatory" towing company, Bobby’s Towing, and its owner and operator, Robert Scores, for "repeatedly harming consumers." According to court documents, the Attorney General's office began an investigation into the towing company after receiving numerous complaints from people that felt they were treated unfairly by Scores and his towing company.


Poughkeepsie Towing Company Allegedly Deceived Customers

Recently filed court papers state that the complaints from customers started as far back as 2013 and alleged that Bobby's Towing operated under "deceptive business practices", including:

Patrolling for illegally parked vehicles.
Towing vehicles when the owner was present and willing to move the vehicle.
Falsifying tow tickets as to the justification
Cost and time of the tow
Towing vehicles that were legally parked and shifting the burden of proving the justification for the tow onto the vehicle owners
Not making the vehicles available for redemption and charging excessive storage fees
Refusing to take credit cards

The towing company also allegedly engaged in disrespectful, and at times racist behavior, physical assault, and aggression repeatedly. After following up on many of the filed complaints the Attorney General's Office uncovered "a persistent pattern of deceptive and illegal business practices" and filed a lawsuit in Dutchess County in May of 2022.

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Bobby's Towing Must Pay Restitution

The Dutchess County State Supreme Court handed down its ruling on June 1st and is requiring Robert Scores to pay restitution to all affected consumers. The ruling also bans Scores from the towing business unless he pays a $100,000 bond, and requires him to pay $20,000 to the state in penalties. After the court ruled, Attorney General James said,

"I am pleased with this court decision to stop Bobby’s Towing from hurting any more New Yorkers. Bobby’s Towing was a known predator and menace in Poughkeepsie’s streets, and today New Yorkers can rest assured that their cars will not be unjustly taken away from them. My office will continue to do everything in our power to stop any company that bypasses our laws and hurts consumers."

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