Boy Meets World? More like Boy Meets Girl...and gets engaged in front of the cast of the popular 90s sitcom!

90s Con is Every 90s Kid Dream

If you're a 90s kid and grew up watching TGIF on ABC and eating Dunkaroos with your friends on a Friday night, 90s Con is the place to be. The convention gathers stars from all of our favorite shows, movies, and bands in the 90s, from Full House to the Backstreet Boys

This year a couple from Poughkeepsie, New York headed to 90s Con in Tampa, Florida, and said 'Yes' in front of the cast of their favorite sitcom.

'Boy Meets World' Brings Hudson Valley Couple Together

Sarah Barnish was enjoying her time at 90s Con 2023, not knowing that her boyfriend Eric Cavalieri had a massive surprise in the works.

Before she and Cavaleri started dating, Barnish tells us that she went to 90s Con in 2022 and met the cast of Boy Meets World. This photo is the whole reason their relationship began, she tells us:

I posted it on FB and Eric saw it. We hadn't seen each other or spoken to each other since probably 9th grade (2002ish), he messaged me saying he thought it was awesome and that we were legends for getting the picture because he loves the show, and we've been together ever since. So boy meets world is what brought us together.

And wouldn't you know it, most of the cast from Boy Meets World was going to be at 90s Con 2023...

Poughkeepsie, NY Couple Pulls Off Epic Boy Meets World Proposal

When it came to popping the big question, Eric worked fast and reached out to 90s Con to let the staff know that he was planning on proposing. So when the couple had their photo op with Shawn Hunter, Topanga, Eric Matthews, Mr. Feeny(!!!), Mr. Turner, Amy Matthews, Angela, Jack, and Minkus Eric asked the all-important question.

Here's the cast's reaction as soon as it happened:

Sarah Barnish
Sarah Barnish

Sarah tells us that the cast was genuinely excited for them adding "Will Friedle(Eric Matthews) said that we had to get another photo with us in the front to re-enact the moment with Eric on one knee."

Sarah Barnish
Sarah Barnish

Later the newly engaged couple had the opportunity to get a photo of the engagement signed by the Boy Meets World crew. Sarah said she ended up telling them how Boy Meets World brought them together and said the cast was all "so excited and touched by how Boy Meets World came full circle for us. It was really an awesome, perfect proposal."


Congratulations to the happy couple! Here's to a love like Corey and Topanga!

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