Is Bigfoot living here in the Hudson Valley?

While some see it as folk lore, others believe that the large creature exists.

For the past few years the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley have been working to prove that not only does Bigfoot reside in the Hudson Valley, but that there is more than one.

If you follow the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley group on Facebook, you'll see what some may call photographic evidence of Sasquatch visiting the area.

Most recently, on Monday February 4th, the group posted photos from a young man in Rhinebeck who has said to have had two experiences with what is believed to be Bigfoot. The man told the group that he "woke up to strange tracks throughout his property" and two nights later heard "heavy bipedal footsteps walking on his front porch and a loud bang on the siding."

Below are photos of track marks and track castings that the researchers collected this week:


Gayle Beatty
Gayle Beatty

According to Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley founder Gayle Beatty and other researchers the tracks left behind could be that of Bigfoot, a  "type 6 Dogman," or a "Reptilian."

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