What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'posse"? Chances are you think of a group, armed and ready to enforce the law. But, there's also another definition of what a posse is that goes all the way back to 16th century England, a group of citizens called together by authorities to deal with an emergency.

Photo courtesy of the Sullivan County Office of the County Legislature
Photo courtesy of the Sullivan County Office of the County Legislature

That's what Bethel's posse is all about. They aren't armed, they aren't a militia, but they are a group of local residents who, after success in their own lives, wish to share the wealth with their neighbors in need. In the past ten years, they have distributed more than $40,000 throughout the Town of Bethel.

While some projects make the town look nicer, like the carved wooden eagle in front of the White Lake town hall, other's take on a more personal meaning such as the work they've done to help the Citizen Heating Assistance Program in town. They've also done projects in neighboring towns, like helping the SPCA in Rock Hill with a fundraising drive that netted more than $15,000.

They meet weekly at the Bethel Market Cafe, and they help there too, because they pay $20 per plate no matter what members ordered, which amounts to a nice tip for the staff. While, they don't blow their own horn, today they received the Legislative Distinguished Citizen Award.

Job well done gentleman. Thank you for leading by example to help others in our community.

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