I hate to see an empty building. It usually means that something has closed, and that’s usually a bad sign. Not just for that business, but for the whole neighborhood. Well, there is one less empty building on Collegeview Avenue in Poughkeepsie, and that’s definitely a good sign. And good news for foodies, too.

Savona’s Trattoria on Collegeview Avenue has expanded, and they have taken over the former Beech Tree space right next door. Not only does that expand the restaurant, but it also creates a cool event space for private parties. And it fills an empty building in an otherwise very busy area of Poughkeepsie, which is great. 

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I remember how surprised and saddened everybody was when we learned the Beech Tree would be closing its doors permanently. It felt as if the Beech Tree had been there forever, and it was a Poughkeepsie favorite. I remember many meals at the Beech Tree over the decades. The space sat empty for a few years, but now it’s in full use again, and once again many great meals will be enjoyed in that room. If you’re planning an important event or private party, the new Beech Tree Room at Savona’s will be perfect.

Savona’s Trattoria has become a Poughkeepsie hot spot since they opened their Collegeview Avenue location near Vassar College. Not only is the food great, but they’ve also got outdoor dining, which is great this time of the year. And even celebrities know that Savona’s is the place to be when you’re in Poughkeepsie. Both William H. Macy and Laura Dern dined at Savona’s when they were in town. So, you know Savona’s Trattoria is a big attraction. And now it’s even bigger.

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