It's interesting how people, places and businesses can often feel like home. There have been numerous local restaurants and shops that I have returned to because of how great my experience has been.

For the most part, we go back to places that we form a bond or friendship with. There are a few, favorite restaurants and local businesses that I support because I enjoy my experience and look forward to seeing those who work there.

Every small town has that one place that locals enjoy going to. As for Walden, the Walden Diner has not only been a place to dine at but a place that makes residents feel like home. With being a family run business for over 22 years, there were a lot of Hudson Valley natives that we sad to hear the news.

As of Monday, September 13 2021, the Walden Diner will close their doors. A new restaurant will open in this spot.

Here are some of my favorite diners within the Hudson Valley.

Kings Valley Diner, Kingston

If you head on over to this diner, be sure to try their desserts. I always make sure I save room for any of their cheesecakes.

Read their menu here.

Red Line Diner, Fishkill

My mouth is watering thinking about their Chipotle Chicken and Avocado Wrap. The decision on what to get on the side is always the hardest.

Read their menu here.

Americana Diner, Middletown

If you're looking for the typical grilled cheese and french fries, you will not be disappointed. It's hard to leave this diner without grabbing their desserts to go.

Read their menu here.

Did you ever go to the Walden Diner? Where is your favorite diner to stop in within the Hudson Valley? Share your experiences with us below.

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