You still have a few days to enjoy a latte, but a popular coffee Hudson Valley coffee shop has announced their closure on January 2nd via Instagram. Caffe Macchiato, along with the Wherehouse and others, has been a large part of the ongoing revival of the Liberty Street section of Newburgh.

According to Newburgh Restoration, owner Jodi Cummings started the business more than 10 years ago before the area started making a comeback. It has become a favorite lunch and brunch destination for hundreds of local residents.

In the Instagram post announcing the closure, Cummings details who difficult it has been to run the establishment on her own over the years.

When I bought the cafe I never realized how challenging it would be to handle it all by myself. I've been doing the job of four full-time people: as restaurant owner, executive chef, front of house manager and marketing/consulting. I haven't had a vacation in four years, or more than two days off since the cafe opened.

Will you be stopping in by January 2nd for one last visit?

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