The renovation of a bridge in Kingston, NY will be documented in an upcoming film.

There are many suspension bridges throughout the Hudson Valley that one can come across on daily travels. The Mid Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie is one of the most beautiful in my opinion (and many would agree).

The amazing architecture makes it a nice sight to see on a regular basis. With many of these bridges having been built so long ago, regular renovations are needed to maintain these structures.

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One Hudson Valley area bridge has been undergoing a three-year reconstruction project that is estimated to cost $44.6 million.

The Wurts Street Bridge (Kingston-Port Ewen Suspension Bridge) is a beautiful 20th-century structure spanning Rondout Creek, near where it empties into the Hudson River. It connects the City of Kingston to the north, with the village of Port Ewan to the south.

Construction began in 1916 and was completed in 1921, becoming the final link in New York's first north-south highway on the West Shore of the Hudson. It's considered an important engineering accomplishment associated with the development of early motoring.

Wurts Street Bridge Film

The first year of footage documenting the renovation of the Wurts Street Bridge will be part of an upcoming documentary film. A website has been set up, and the film will cover the fascinating, large-scale construction/engineering project. The site has a video clip teaser for the film titled The Time Capsule... The Renovation of the Century-Old Wurts Street Bridge, along with lots of historical information on the structure.

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Having been down to the Kingston Rondout many times over the years for various events, it's always a beautiful setting, looking up at the Wurts Street Bridge in the distance.

Whether it's the Hooley On the Hudson event in September or watching July 4th fireworks, the Wurts Street Bridge is the perfect backdrop for Rondout Creek festivities. We look forward to the reopening of the bridge in 2024 and the new documentary film about its renovation.


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