Let’s face it. Getting the perfect slice of pizza is not always easy. And once you find it, you feel like you’ve struck gold. I actually found what I consider the perfect pizza a few years ago, and I have brought my family and friends to try it. They all agree. Just the perfect crispy crust, right amount of sauce and cheese, and at a fair price. Well, I just found out that I will no longer be able to get my favorite pizza.

I was late to the game, but about 3 years ago I went to Tina’s Restaurant and Pizzeria on Rte. 55 in Poughkeepsie on the suggestion of a friend. We ordered a plain pizza, and we were surprised at how good this pizza was. How could I have not known about this? We’ve been back several times over the past 3 years, and every single time the pizza was phenomenal. I was there as recently as a couple of months ago. 

Well, I just read some bad news about Tina’s Restaurant and Pizzeria on their Facebook page. After 31 years of service, Tina’s has permanently closed their doors. It certainly has nothing to do with the quality of the food. Unfortunately a family member has taken ill, and the restaurant is not able to operate with the remaining family members. That was part of the appeal of Tina’s. You practically got to know the family just by eating there. It was obvious that everyone in the family was involved in the business, even the kids.

We are wishing the family all the best, and saying thank you for years of great food and service. I will surely miss that perfect slice of pizza, the delicious salad and all the authentic Italian food. And that fun family atmosphere. It’s been a great 31 years.

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