You know in all honesty it is sometimes incredibly difficult to try and find new and interesting things to write about on a day-to-day basis. However, once in a while something comes across my computer and instantaneously I know "that's the one". I had that moment today and it struck me to my 'Millennial Generation' core

Sunny D Seltzer

I was born in 1994, just catching the very end of the Millennial Generation and I have to say, it was awesome growing up a 90's kid. I have so many memories of my childhood that made it great, whether it was watching something popular on T.V like Pokemon or Dragon Ball Z or some product made for us kids to literally gobble up.

This brings me to today where I saw that a staple of my childhood was getting a new adult version. SunnyD or Sunny Delight, the orangiest, tangiest, most sugar filled drink I enjoyed as a child will be debuting a new alcoholic seltzer.

What to Expect From This New Sunny Delight

This new version of SunnyD will reportedly be enhanced with Vodka, creating the new SunnyD Vodka Seltzer. The new adult beverage will be 12 ounces per can and will be sold in packages of four. Now the important question; how much alcohol is in it? The answer is, a modest yet 4.5% alcohol. This falls right in line with the majority of other alcoholic seltzer's on the market which average at around 5% alcohol. By the way, if anyone actually cares, each can contains 95 calories.

SunnyD Com

Where Did The Idea For an Alcoholic SunnyD Come From?

To put it simply, the idea to create an alcoholic SunnyD was simple yet brilliant. SunnyD is created by the Harvest Hill Beverage Company and its Chief Marketing Officer, Ilene Bergenfeld described the beverage perfectly stating...

...Consumers are passionate about this iconic brand, rooted in nostalgia but with a taste that resonates today...

Sunny D Retro

And that is the key word right there: NOSTALGIA. SunnyD is a brand that has been around and in our supermarkets for more than 30 years but they remembered the consumers that made them a staple name. You guessed it, the 90's kids. It is simple but it is genius, every kid that was born in or grew up in the 1990's is now an adult and old enough to buy alcohol. Yeah our parents bought us all the SunnyD back then, but we are the ones who can buy it now.

Why Is Now The Right Time For An Alcoholic SunnyD?

As just mentioned, every kid of the 90's is now old enough to purchase alcohol. The 90's was also the period of time where SunnyD was at peak popularity with numerous different commercials and advertisements running on T.V. Some may think that the alcoholic seltzer market is overly saturated already, admittedly I am one of those individuals. It seems like EVERYONE has an alcoholic seltzer now.

Sunny D Com2

SunnyD has something on their side now though and that thing is a new boost in popularity. Harvest Hill Beverage numbers show that since 2019, SunnyD has seen a 30% growth in consumers buying their product. Ilene Bergenfeld also already has the answers to 'when' and 'where' the best time will be to enjoy a this new SunnyD, stating...'s meant to be enjoyed with friends, when it’s time to connect and chill out.” So, you know, like after a day of playing frisbee at the beach or cleaning up your own town park or blading with your pals...


Tastes Like Orange

When Will SunnyD Vodka Seltzers Debut?

Now is the time to answer the most important of all questions here; when is the new SunnyD going to hit the store shelves. Well good news is for those interested, you will not have to wait long, as they will be debuting this weekend on March 11, 2023.

There is one small detail that may throw a wrinkle into plans for those who want to buy the beverage though. That wrinkle is that this SunnyD will only be available in select Walmarts, though the product will be available nationwide.

Sunny D Retro 2

All things considered, I think that this is awesome news. Honestly, I'm mad at myself for not thinking to use SunnyD in drinks before. SunnyD has definitely done there job well though; they got me hook, line and sinker. Looks like I know what I will be enjoying this weekend.

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