Looking for a four-legged buddy to add to your family? Meet, Cow.

No, Cow is not a cow. Cow is actually a little (read: a whole lot) smaller than an actual bovine. Cow is actually a 6-year-old cat who is looking for her forever family.

Pets Alive in Middletown is ready to introduce you to your new bestie.

Mary Ann Bopp, Development Director at Pets Alive says they've had Cow since 2015 when she was just a "shy, older kitten."

Now, however, Cow has really come into her own. Bopp says Cow is "a big fan of treats and she loves to play. She also loves to rub up on people's shoes to say "hi - pet me!". She can be very vocal - and does "Cat Yoga" when she needs some exercise."

If you're interested in adopting Cow into your home visit Pets Alive on Facebook or through their website to put in an application:

Meet Cow, the utterly adorable cat:

Pet Of The Week: Meet Cow the Cat


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