We've seen so many stories about neglected pets throughout the Hudson Valley. Hopefully this new legislation will help lower the amount of animal neglect we see in our community.


The Daily Freeman is reporting that an Ulster County Pet Breeder registry could become a law.  Ulster County Executive Mike Hein introduced the legislation in 2015, which originally stated that "any person who sold more than nine dogs or cats per year or more than one litter per year to obtain a no-cost permit from the county Department of Health, agree to minimum standards of care as outlined in the law and allow for routine inspections of their facility." This original legislation saw some criticism from local breeders as they felt it would put local breeders out of business.

New legislations suggests that "Residential breeders who sell more than 15 animals per year would be subject to inspection only if a complaint against them is made." The revision also gives residential breeders who breed animals in there home but sell less than 15 animals per year would have to get a permit but are not subject to inspection.




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