If you listened to the show this morning, you might of heard my Easter Candy rant.

I, Jess, feel as though Peeps Marshmallows are highly overrated and quiet frankly are garbage. Peeps are literally over produced marshmallows bathed in sugar. The texture in your mouth is like eating a sticky piece of sand paper. Why would anyone want to put themselves through that torture? We then got into a discussion about the different Peep flavors. Who are you kidding Peeps? They all taste the same!

One could argue that Peeps and Jelly Beans are the candy of the Easter season. When it comes to Jelly Beans a survey was held recently about the most popular Jelly Bean by state and unfortunately New York decided that it's favorite flavor was Popcorn. What a let down. Black licorice as we all know is the best flavor when it comes to Jelly Beans.

I can't help that I'm strongly opinionated when it comes to Easter candy. But I feel personally victimized by Peeps this week. So I have to ask the question: What is the best Easter candy...Peeps or Jelly Beans?

Lets be honest with ourselves, the real winner is always:



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