Now that St. Patrick's Day is over, we can start focusing on Easter celebrations. When it comes to Easter, the most controversial topic is obviously Peeps.

The marshmallow candy is either on your "Absolutely LOVE It" list or "Get That Disgusting Thing Away From Me" list. Personally, I'm not a fan and I know I'm not alone.

However, it was upsetting to see in 2020 that the company the creates Peeps had to halt production due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Family-owned Just Born Quality Confection had to stop production for 6 weeks, which in turn caused Peeps to be absent from store shelves for 9 months. That means Peeps for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day we're out of stock for 2020.

With that being said, there is some good news to share. ABC7 NY reports that Peeps are back in production and just in time for Easter. During a normal production year, two billion Peeps are made. Apparently, that's enough to circle the earth...twice.

Just Born Quality Confection CEO Bob Ross explained the scientific processes in making a Peep in a press release:

When we produce them, they first are what I would call like to call a nice colorful blob of marshmallow. But the key is our decorating. We put the eyes on, or for the bunnies, we put the eyes and the nose on. It gives the product 'Peeps-anality,"

Seeing Peeps back to their regularly scheduled production is just another sign of life getting back to normal.

Another sign of normalcy? Peeps making the Top 10 of The WORST Easter Candy sitting pretty at #6 on CandyStore.Com. 


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