The biggest snow storm of the year is probably not the time to improvise but I really don't have much of a choice. The last decent storm we had a few weeks back did in my snow blower. And of course when Mother Nature turned Spring on my thought was "I have time to get that fixed." Well that turnout to be very wrong.

So here we are getting ready for the Nor' Easter of the year "Stella" who apparently is now a blizzard and I am down one snowblower. Fortunately I had time to dwell on my dilemma and have devised a plan that just might work. I have heard that car dealers using leaf blowers to clear snow off their cars in the lot after a good storm so if it can work on cars why not on drive ways and porches.

Of course, I realize the lighter and fluffier the snow is the better chance I have of this plan being successful. Heavy wet snow could send this plan down the stupid path real quick. Of course there will be a follow up video once "Stella" the storm finishes dumping on us and I actually get to try out this plan.

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9:30 am March 14 update - To much wind and the end of my scarf got caught in the leaf blower. back to the drawing board.

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