In honor of National Sandwich Day I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites from around the Hudson Valley.

Favorite sandwich number one can be found at Joshua's Cafe in Woodstock. It is a wonderful sandwich and time of day, it is the Turkey Apple and Brie on toast. The turkey is real, the apples are tart and crisp and the brie is warm and melted to tie it all together. Plus you can choose Joshua's sweet potato chips as a side.

Favorite sandwich number two is from the New Paltz Bagel Cafe. If you want the perfect sandwich to eat on the go or to sit and enjoy somewhere, the chicken salad on a fresh pretzel bagel is the way to go. The chicken salad is made with delicious fresh ingredients and the mayo to chicken ratio is perfect. If pretzel isn't you flavor of bagel they have at least 10 others flavors to choose from so build your own and enjoy.

Favorite sandwich number three is from Poughkeepsie's legendary Palace Diner. The Palace Diner can make a Reuben like no other. I always choose the corned beef but I am sure the pastrami is just as good. Tasty meat, flavorful dressing with sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese all tucked into fresh rye bread. It is my favorite place to go for one of my favorite sandwiches.

Hope you can try them before National sandwich day 2016.

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