I'm not sure if I'm alone here or not but for some reason when I'm feeling down nothing picks me up better than hearing or in this case reading about other people's problems.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend about what Tv shows we should watch and she started telling me that I should really try watching Teen Mom on MTV. TEEN MOM? Why would anyone think I would want to watch that? She told me that the show is perfect for her when she's feeling "crappy" about her life. She said nothing makes me feel better than an episode or two of Teen Mom!..LOL!

I understand where she's coming from because sometimes I think the best way to get a quick pick me up or to turn the blues into smiles is to take a look at other people's problems. That's where "O.P.P" was born!! O.P.P. (other people's problems) is a quick and easy way to realize that things could always be worse, so join us as we take a quick look at this week's "O.P.P."

Things That Should Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Today, the highlight of my day was when I found out that there was finally toilet paper in the bathroom at work.

Rare Earth

Today, my girlfriend openly mocked me, calling me an idiot for thinking seahorses are real. She insists that they're like unicorns, and only exist in fiction.

Young Mother overwhelmed by her kids

Today, my husband ranted about how children are awful, and parents who claim they love their kids are complete liars, and if everyone admitted that we hated our kids and resented them for existing, there'd be a lot more happy childless couples. We don't even have kids for him to hate this much. WTF?

All the rights for presented pho
All the rights for presented pho

Today, I got new AirPods. As I was sitting on the toilet, they fell out of my hoodie pocket into the toilet while it was flushing.

Today, it was my two-week anniversary of starting my new job, after over a year of unemployment due to Covid. It was great, I was getting on with people, and it actually felt like a career where my skillset was valued and I was appreciated by the management. I showed up to work this morning and the place had burned down.

Now the last one does make me feel better about anything but it makes me want to scream out FML! I hope that after reading these you now have realized that your life is GREAT and you are right where you are supposed to be! Have a great weekend!

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