The Holiday shopping rush might be over but the fact of the matter is our need to shop online for items is still a regular occurrence. Just last week I ordered two separate items from my Amazon account. Let's face it even those of us who consider ourselves less techy still love the instant gratification of the Amazon online buy.

With all this need also comes a lot of work. The folks who work for Amazon need to be commended for without them the process of click-buy-get would cease to exist. For that reason, I think it is important we take a moment to realize just how tough the job of getting our purchases to us might be. That being said it is also important to note that a Hudson Valley Amazon location has been the focus of an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation which began on July 18, 2022.

Amazon Facility in New Windsor, New York Cited by OSHA for Violations via Facebook via Facebook

That investigation has led to OSHA issuing a national news release today (January 18, 2023) finding three Amazon facilities exposed workers to what is called ergonomic, struck-by hazards, and one of the 3 locations cited is located in New Windsor, New York. In the OSHA National News Release issued today the Amazon facility located at 500 Hudson Valley Avenue in New Windsor, New York was named as a location that has put workers at risk.

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Hudson Valley Amazon Warehouse Cited for Failing to Keep Workers Safe

The U.S. Department of Labor today announced that its Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Amazon for failing to keep workers safe, and has issued hazard alert letters after inspections at three warehouse facilities – in Deltona, Florida; Waukegan, Illinois; and New Windsor, New York – after finding workers exposed to ergonomic hazards. (OSHA National News Release 1-18-2023)

The release goes on to explain the violations and also mentions other Amazon locations that are still ongoing. A letter dated January 17, 2023 spells out the specific citations.

Specifically, OSHA cited the company for violations of the general duty clause in the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which requires employers to provide safe workplaces. The agency also cited the company for exposing workers at the Florida warehouse to struck-by hazards. Similar investigations at three Amazon locations in Aurora, Colorado; Nampa, Idaho; and Castleton, New York, are ongoing. (OSHA National News Release 1-18-2023)

The New Windsor, New York facility was also cited along with other Amazon locations back in December of 2022 by OSHA for violations in regard to record-keeping on employee workplace injuries.

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As for what will happen next, according to the news release from OSHA Amazon now has 15 business days from the receipt of this citation to respond and comply. Amazon can also request an informal conference with an OSHA Area Director. Amazon may also contest the finding in this report to the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

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