Everyone who knows me is aware that I am very much a Halloween person. We all have a holiday we love and mine happens to be Halloween. I realize most people love Christmas and that really isn't a surprise.

In a survey done last year according to greetingsisland.com Christmas is the number one holiday in the world and in their top 10 Halloween came in 9th overall. Again, I am a little surprised Halloween didn't do better but I am not shocked that Christmas is number one. After all how many holidays other than Christmas get celebrated four months early? Yes, I am talking about Christmas in July.

How Did Christmas in July Start?

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Christmas in July is a real thing and it is very a popular thing for not just people who enjoy Christmas. So many stores and other businesses offer something along this theme. Retail stores might sell old Christmas stock at discount prices and obviously, the year-round Christmas stores use it for a Summer boost. It gives us a reason to think about colder days when it is hot and sticky.

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So who came up with the first-ever Christmas in July? Turns out it was a clever woman named Fannie Holt and she lived nowhere near New York. So, No! Christmas in July did not originate in New York. According to Southern Living, it all began 84 years ago.

We can't say we're surprised though. Christmas in July started 84 years ago on July 24th and 25th in 1933 at a girls' camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, North Carolina. (via Southern Living)

The first celebration came with all the trimmings including Santa Claus and continues today not just in Keystone Camp. Christmas in July is really brilliant if you think about it. It reminds us to shop early, it adds a lot of cheer to the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and it's Fun. Thinking about Winter also helps cool you off in the Summer heat.

How About Some Halloween in July

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