If you hiked up the trail on Beacon Mountain this past weekend, you probably noticed something out of the ordinary.

I walk up the hiking trail on Mount Beacon at least three times a month. I've never seen a vehicle on the path before but there's a first time for everything.

I like to work out and spend time outdoors and Mount Beacon is one of those places that lets you get the best of both worlds. When the weather permits, a trip to Beacon Mountain is a great way to feed two birds with one stone.

As I approached the top of the trail, I noticed an older Jeep Cherokee that appeared to be broken down.

"Are vehicles allowed on the trails Mt. Beacon?" I asked myself.

Credit: Nick Kessler

It turns out that's actually a pretty common question that people like to Google here in the Hudson Valley. I had to do some research. It turns out that according to an article in the Highlands Current, cars and ATVs are prohibited on the trail and have been for a very long time.

There are several reasons why you shouldn't take your car up the pathway but obviously the biggest reason is safety. I couldn't imagine coming up a steep hill only to have a 4,000-pound hunk of steel with a lift kit roaring at me.

Credit: Nick Kessler

Not sure what happened in this particular case. Did this Jeep break down? Did it get stuck? Either way, when I discovered it on Saturday, the back window was missing and the plates were removed. I assumed it was abandoned.

As of Tuesday night, the vehicle was removed from the path.

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