We are dealing with the best of the best when it comes to hard cider here in the Hudson Valley.

Before we get into the deliciousness that is this month's installment of One Sip Cider, we have to share some awesome news about our friend Paige and Boutique Wine, Spirits and Ciders in Fishkill.

Paige and the team were recognized by Hudson Valley Magazine's "Best of the Hudson Valley" for the Best Cider Selection in the Hudson Valley. After spending some time at Boutique Wines, Spirits and Ciders, I can tell you firsthand that they are indeed the best and have the friendliest staff around. Plus the ciders are to die for.

Speaking of which, I headed down to Fishkill to try some of the pumpkin cider selection Paige has on hand. She must have known my basic-fall-loving self was ready for some pumpkin flavor.

Our first cider on deck was Ace Pumpkin cider out of California. As soon as that one sip hit my taste buds I knew it was the best of both worlds. Imagine pumpkin pie and apple pie mixed into one flavorful liquid. That's what you get with Ace Pumpkin Cider.

Side note: Ace Pumpkin Cider is only about 5% alcohol, which is less than a glass of white wine. So you can enjoy a few of these adult beverages without as much of the hangover guilt the next day.

On to Pumpkin Cider No. 2. This one comes from our neighbors in Walton, New York, from the Awestruck masterminds. Hometown Homicider (I mean come on, it's the perfect Halloween themed cider) is a barrel-aged pumpkin cider with an enjoyable combination of fall spice flavors.

As always if you want more cider information Paige and the staff at Boutique Wines, Spirits and Ciders is always on hand to fill you in (with info and cider). Make sure to check them out at 18 Westage Drive, Suite 13, in Fishkill or on their website and Facebook page.

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