I am the kind of person that when the radio goes off the music services go on. Spotify, YouTube and Pandora, I listen to them all. You know the old question, "What's in your CD player in your car right now?" I have to say I am not sure, but I can tell you that my "Eric Church" Radio on my music servers is loaded and ready to go.

So why is it that I hadn't stumbled across the guy who is on the tip of everyone's tongue this week? I am talking about Oliver Anthony and his skyrocket to the top hit Rich Men North of Richmond.

Where Should Olive Anthony Play a Concert in New York?

He is topping the internet charts. He has multiple media outlets talking about him and to him, yet many of you may not have any idea who I am talking about.

Apparently from what I am able to gather from Oliver's fast rise to fame, he has written and performed a song that has resonated with most of America and catapulted this Farmville, Virginia resident with 3 dogs into the music spotlight.

Oliver Anthony via YouTube radiowv Dog
Oliver Anthony via YouTube radiowv Dog

If you google him right now you will see that he has been written up in the last 24 hours by Fox News, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Variety and the list goes on. He has even befriended John Rich of Big and Rich fame in order to make sense of all the sudden attention.

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So what is it about the song everyone loves? It may be it's raw honestly or the fact that most of America feels exactly like the song says but I also think it is the authenticity of the song, the song writer, and of course Oliver's Raw performance.

Oliver Anthony Performing Rich Men North of Richmond

(WARNING: Graphic Adult Language)

The question now will be is this the start of his career or will it be an Achy Breaky Heart situation where we will always know his name and this song but not really know what happens to Oliver once the cameras go home? I would share a website or Facebook fan page but he doesn't seem to have one yet.

So give the song a listen and you tell me where Oliver Anthony should play in the Hudson Valley. I really feel like he could book himself anywhere including the middle of the Walkway Over the Hudson and it would be only minutes before he caused a traffic jam.

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