One New York family will take a trip down Memory Lane in the future an revisit this amazing moment.

All last week on The Wolf we gave you a bunch of chances to win tickets to see Old Dominion play live at the UBS Arena on Long Island. We've seen photos and videos from the No Bad Vibes Tour and it looked like a great time!

However, one moment is stealing the show.

Old Dominion Makes Unforgettable Memories With One NY Family

Old Dominion took to their social media accounts to share a video of a fan request from the show on Saturday, September 23, 2023. In the video, lead singer Matthew Ramsey is handed an envelope and a note from a fan down in the front row.

The note was asking the boys of Old Dominion to announce the gender of their twins! They posted to video to all of their social media accounts with the caption "Didn't expect this request in New York. #NoBadVibesTour." At one point, right before he was about to announce the gender, Ramsey shared that he suddenly got very nervous.

Old Dominion, Facebook
Old Dominion, Facebook

Watch it all unfold below:

We found the couple in the video and asked them how it all went down. Brittney and Brad are from Manhattan and are HUGE fans of Old Dominion. Brad was willing to spend top dollar to get the best seat in the house. Plot Twist: they bought these tickets before they even knew they were expecting! Brittney tells us:

We bought the tickets before we had known we we were expecting.  Once we found out and we saw where our seats were we played around with the idea of how cool it would be for our favorite group to tell us what we were having.  Then when we found out the shocking twist that it was twins, we said we had to go big with this.  Up until we were leaving for the show we were still tossing around the idea and at the show once they started singing, Brad looked at me and said we have to have them do it.  And the rest is truly the most incredible memory.
Britney tells us that Matthew Ramsey was so great and that the fans around them made them feel so special afterward, sharing photos and videos of the reveal. To wrap things up Brittney said :
It is amazing after seeing so much negativity how much positivity these 2 babies have already brought into our lives.  Old Dominion will forever be even more meaningful to us and they really are the BEST!!!

Hudson Valley Couples 'Adele' Gender Reveal

The whole get your favorite artist to reveal the gender of your baby is the new proposal at a show. I feel like every concert has at least one fan in the audience with a gender reveal sign.

Towards the end of the summer a Newburgh, New York couple was able to get the attention of Adele during her Las Vegas residency. The reveal brought Adele to tears and became quite a viral moment.


@chrisdare POV: Adele just did our gender reveal!! @Adele Access #foryoupage#adele#weekendswithadele#genderreveal#viral#adelefans#adele30#lasvegas#boyorgirl#itsaboy#itsagirl#adelegenderreveal#adelelasvegas#baby♬ original sound - Chris Dare
Congratulations to both couples! In this situation, you have someone famous do the gender reveal, do you name your baby after them too?  If they need some ideas, take a look at the most popular baby names this year below:

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Here's a look at what they have for the Top 10 boys, or girls names. Granted, you can have gender neutral names too. This is predicting their data:

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