You can't go that far into New York without spotting someone famous.

One of my favorite things to write about and talk about are celebrities and all the gossip that comes along with them. New York is a hotspot for celebrities to visit, live in and spend a lot of their quality time in. I always love to see which celebrities frequent the ares and what they are up to around here.

One REALLY BIG celebrity was spotted in Long Island, NY and that is driving distance from the Hudson Valley so it counts for being close lol.

What big celebrity was recently spotted in Long Island?

And the person is......Adam Levine, complete hunk by the way. I don't think there's one person who hasn't heard of Maroon 5 or at least knows one song by them. Levine has been the front band for the band for a while now and they've had some chart crushing hits like, "This Love", "Harder to Breathe', "Wake Up Call", "Sugar" and more.

Over the past few years Levine has become a judge on the popular television show 'The Voice' and has won over the crowd with his witty banter and charm.

He did have a minor inappropriate texting issue while he was married, but lets not dwell on the negatives.

Where was Adam Levine spotted in New York?

Levine was recently photographed at Chris and Tony's Restaurant & Lounge in Syossett, New York. The spot recently posted a picture on their social media page and it showed how Levine was hanging out and how "if you want to dine like a star, you know where to go".

So jealous.

No word on what Levine as doing there, but it's very cool he was spotted in New York.

I did check on Google and it takes about 1 hour and 54 minutes to get from Poughkeepsie to Syossett, so that's a doable drive if you want to check it out or try to go if you see him pop up again.

Here's to hoping we all bump into someone famous during our travels.

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Have you bumped into someone famous in the Hudson Valley or New York? Share your story with us 

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