Holiday update from the girl who loves Halloween. So here's what I was thinking about, we celebrate a lot of holidays in America but few gather all of us together to decorate, shop and plan parties.

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New Years Eve sets the stage for the upcoming year. Easter has it's eggs and bunnies on the commercial side. Then there is a bit of a dry spell until we get to 4th of July that comes packed with fireworks and BBQ's. Suddenly we are left waiting for the Fall / Winter holiday season.

Each year according to there are 3 long months and 27 days between July 4th and Halloween. Every year we have to hit this long dry patch before we run into the end of year holidays.

Suddenly we are playing catch up with out holiday fun. Halloween with candy, trick or treating and costume shopping. Not to mention decorating and pumpkin craving. We no sooner come down from the sugar high and we are carb-loading on Thanksgiving. We then try to burn off those calories shopping frantically from Black Friday until Christmas Eve. Then the party of the year - New Year Eves shows up one week later. It is no surprise that us in the older demographic choose to skip the clubs and hit the house parties instead. After all we just push through 4 holidays with parties and all the trimmings in 61 short calendar days.


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