America has a strange fascination with serial killers and it turns out New York State has its fair share of them. Here is a list of some of the most infamous killers who acted in our state.

According to reports, an FBI agent put two horrifying words together in 1974 for a group of students at an English police academy. Serial killer. A serial killer is defined as someone who kills more than three victims and each victim generally has a long period of time between them. Perpetrators who killed and then killed again like Jack the Ripper and Joseph Vacher were not a new concept to the police but in the 19th century, law enforcement started to use criminology and psychology to study criminal behavior in an effort to better understand the killers and possibly catch them sooner.

We discovered that police officers and detectives were not the only ones fascinated with these monsters who could be living next door.

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Whether you're watching a documentary, reading a book or listening to a podcast there is something about serial murderers that just captivates most people. What is this obsession that many Americans have with these killers? Are we curious as to how sick someone could be? Are we trying to figure out what behaviors to look for and how to avoid becoming victims ourselves?

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