Never in my life did I ever think I would say this, but New have let me down.

I like to think I have decent taste. As a matter of fact, I think my taste in candy is probably one of the most relatable. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate and Reese's Eggs (or any holiday shape for that matter) are hands down the best candy ever invented. Since Easter is next week, I've been doing some Easter basket candy research and came across one of the most disappointing pieces of data.

According to, they have collected data through surveys and sales information and have come up with the list of the most popular flavors of Jelly Beans. They have broken it down state by state and this is the point when New York  lets me down. The data they collected states that New Yorkers favorite Jelly Bean flavor is Popcorn. Yes, you read it right...POPCORN FLAVORED JELLY BEANS. That's gross. Everyone knows the best flavor is black licorice.


Black Licorice is the number one flavor over all, followed by popcorn(disgusting), watermelon(horrible), cherry(I can work with this) and cinnamon(nope).  What's your favorite Jelly Bean flavor and do you have a favorite brand? Let us know on Facebook.

Speaking of disgusting flavors, remember when everyone at our station played BeanBoozled?

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