It's been quite an up-and-down April for weather in the Hudson Valle and New York state.

After record heat and wildfires spread across the area in the middle of the month, temperatures briefly returned to normal. Most of the month saw below-average rainfall until last weekend's heavy rain and severe weather rolled through late Saturday.

There were even reports of an EF-2 tornado that hit parts of Sullivan County, causing heavy damage.

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Then, the final week of the month brought cooler temperatures more commonly felt in late March rather than late April. But now, as we round out the month of April, the possibility for more rains and even flooding could return by the weekend, according to meteorologists

It also happens to be Severe Weather Awareness Week in New York.

Extreme Weather Says that the average rainfall for April in Poughkeepsie is 3.1 inches. Last weekend's rains certainly helped a bit, but the area has still seen below-average rain throughout the month so far.

Hudson Valley Weather Forecast 

Highs Friday should reach the low 60s, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance for rain showers. A better chance for heavier rain arrives Friday night, with lows in the mid-40s. NBC says that rain could linger off and on through Saturday, with highs in the low 50s. forecasters say a chance for even heavier rain comes by Sunday into early Monday, with some areas of flooding possible.

The Weather Channel says the chance for rain will linger off and on through the first week of May, as Tuesday, as well as the end of the week bring the best chance for more rainfall.

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