Should schools eliminate allowing kids to bring in sweet treats for their birthday celebrations?

If you have kids in elementary school the odds are that at one time or another your kid has enjoyed a few cupcakes in school celebrating another students birthday. Well it looks like that could be a thing of the past for one New York School.

According to WRGB, the Abram Lansing Elementary School in Cohoes (near Albany) has recently started a pilot program that will prohibit students from bringing in birthday treats to celebrate.


School Principal Cliff Bird told WRGB that, he's wanted a procedure like this for years because his biggest concern is the health of his students and there are 20 students at Abram Lansing with some kind of food allergy. He said, "We need to be more aware of the food that we bring in for our kids to eat."

Some parents are in favor of the new program. One of them is Kelly Brady, she said in a letter to the school that she is in favor of it, being a mom of a five year old with peanut allergies, birthday celebrations at school don't have to involve food, she said.

What do you think? Should schools eliminate birthday celebrations that involve food? What would you say if your child's school decided to try this out? Let us know on Facebook.

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