Could this put an end to bullying?

A new law that was passed by the Common Council in North Tonawanda, New York will now hold parents of children that are caught bullying accountable, according to WTEN.

The law was unanimously passed last week and has a pretty steep price for parents. The law states that if a child is caught bullying or attacking another student, their parent will pay the fine or do the time.

If the child is found guilty of bullying, the parent could spend up to 15 days in jail and pay a $250 fine or both.

One of the parents in the community, Victoria Crago, whose son was attacked by his classmates in June, told WTEN that, “We didn’t feel like maybe anything was being done and then all of a sudden I heard about this ordinance going through so it was shocking and welcomed.”

The Mayor of North Tonawanda Art Pappas says the city isn’t trying to focus on punishment but more so prevention and he says it’s geared towards repeat offenders. He also stated that, “I think it’s going to get a message out there. That certain parents who haven’t now have to take some responsibility for their children.”

As a parent, I think this could be a great idea if it's monitored properly. What do you think, should parents of bullies be punished with jail time and or heavy fines? Let us know in the comments section below and be listing to the CJ in the morning show Tuesday morning for your comments.

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