So have you started you garden yet? It is sometimes hard to figure out what to plant when because the weather can be so drastically different day to day this time of year. The reality is we don't have a real long growing season in the Hudson Valley but we can grow just about anything. And by anything I am talking about you fruit and veggie staples not exotics things like bananas and such.

I find the best rule about deciding what to plant and when, comes from the Farmer's Almanac. They give great advice about what you can grow successfully and when it is best to start your plants. They even have a chart broken down by date for some of the most popular fruits and vegetables we like to grow in our home gardens.

Organic Raw Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes can be grown in the Hudson Valley according to the Farmer's Almanac but they must be planted in the ground they are started indoors. Planting can start in mid march based on expected frost and moon cycles and it is best to have them in by mid April so if you planting potatoes you may be a bit late.

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Tomatoes are popular to grown in just about any state. Many of my neighbors grow tomatoes so I don't have to. I am fortunate enough that they share there exacts all season long. Tomatoes should be started inside or planted from a transplant and like the potatoes that should be happening right around now according to the Almanac.

Corn. Soft focus

Corn is a fun thing to grow and there is an old saying that you corn should be knee high by July. Corn like the potato should be put straight into the garden and should be put in right around now.

Watermelon.Shallow dof.

The Farmer's Almanac suggests that you start you watermelon inside and then trans plant it. That's not a bad idea but be sure to do it soon because it to needs to be in that ground by the first week in May.


And finally the Pumpkins. If you are hoping to grow you own Halloween pumpkins this year they too should already be seedlings or transplants and be ready to go in the garden no later than next week.

So if you are like me and you still haven't gotten to starting those seed plants you may find yourself playing catch up in the garden.

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