Police from the Hudson Valley are warning New York parents about a new and developing scam that is tricking many Empire State parents.

The Town of Haverstraw Police Department is warning Hudson Valley residents of a new kidnap scam.

Kidnapping Scam Hits Hudson Valley


Police say this new and developing scam has been reported throughout the Hudson Valley. The scammer calls to tell you that your child was kidnapped and demands money to return the child to the parent.

"In this scam, a victim receives a call from a fictitious/spoofed phone number with a male suspect on the phone. The male suspect then states that the victim's child has been kidnapped and demands money, typically $7,000, before returning the child to the parent," the Town of Haverstraw Police Department stated.

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New York Scammers Take Extra Step To Trick Empire State Parents

Conceptual hand writing text caption inspiration showing Scam Alert. Business concept for Scam Alert written on sticky note, reminder cork background with copy space

Police warn that these scammers use elaborate maneuvers to trick parents. Scammers go as far as to use a young child's voice to say "help me," according to police.

"In some cases, the suspect has gone as far as using a young child’s voice to say, 'help me," the Town of Haverstraw Police Department said.

The Town of Haverstraw Police Department also recommends you contact your local police immediately if you receive this type of phone call.

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