No word yet on when construction would begin.

According to the Times Herald Record, the town and village of New Paltz plan to build 2 new fire stations soon.

The project would cost the town and village a combined $6.77 million and the larger of the the two stations would be constructed at the current fire station at the corner of Henry W. Dubois and North Putt Corners roads.

New Paltz Mayor Tim Rogers and Supervisor Neal Bettez told the record that all but about $2 million is sitting and waiting for the builders to start the project.

Mayor Rogers said that they are currently looking for help in cover the remaining balance, “We will keep our fingers crossed that we will find some assistance. We are looking under every rock.” He also said that

“The value of volunteer firefighters is staggering.”

The remaining balance could be borrowed from other places and would require public hearings and voted on by the town municipal board.

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