Do you have something at home that needs to be fixed but you're not sure how or where to get it repaired? If so, we have found a really cool event that can help you out.

Have you ever had a piece of jewelry, a clock, a vacuum, or a piece of furniture that was broken at some point and you have no idea how or where to get it fixed? Maybe you have an electronic or digital device that just doesn't seem to work anymore, you don't know why, but you do know that you don't want to pay someone to help you fix it. Before you throw it away you might want to check out this event!

Repair Café Hudson Valley

The Repair Café is a FREE community event where folks are invited to bring their broken items in to get repaired and volunteer repair coaches lend a hand and help you fix them. Repair coaches are volunteers that donate their time to help pass on traditional repair know-how & skills according to their website.


New Paltz, New York Repair Café

Back in 2013, volunteer organizer John Wackman brought an idea that started in Amsterdam to New Paltz, NY in hopes of helping area residents fix broken things before they throw them in the garbage. Volunteers at the Repair Café started the "fix it" movement for various reasons according to their website including:

• To transform our throw-away economy one beloved item at a time

• To reduce how much stuff goes into the waste stream

• To preserve traditional repair know-how & skills and pass them on

• To show the people who have this knowledge that they are valued

• To feed our curiosity about "the way things work" & have fun!

• To foster community sustainability and resilience


When and Where is the Next Repair Café?

Repair Café will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on Saturday, May 20th from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the New Paltz Methodist Church on Main and Grove Street in New Paltz. If you plan to bring something to get repaired, organizers are asking that you also bring a food donation for the Family of New Paltz.

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What Items Can I Bring to Get Fixed?

We can't promise that every item brought in will get fixed but their website says "MOST ITEMS GET FIXED – but even when they don't, we have a good time trying!" Some of the items they might be able to fix include lamps, vacuums, clocks, chairs, electrical items, small appliances, jewelry, toys, digital devices, clothing & textiles, dolls, and more.

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They will also be able to help with any tools that might be in need of sharpening.

Over 20 Repair Cafés in the Hudson Valley

Since its beginning, there have been over 20 repair cafes across the Hudson Valley in towns like Kingston, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Pleasant Valley, LaGrangeville, and Pine Bush to name a few. If you'd like to get more information on a Repair Café near you check out their café map online here.

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