I am still a person who loves to go to my hometown movie theatre. I have never been the kind that needs to head to a movie in some big mega mall that offers all the newest gadgets.

I have been to my share of IMAX theatres but the truth is I am happy to sit in a regular theatre and enjoy my Twizzlers and the movie. Going to the movies is probably the earliest entertainment I remember as a child.

Movie Goers Are Without a Theatre for a Few Days in New Paltz, New York

Growing up on military bases there was always a theatre and a bowling alley so welcome to my childhood. The style of theatre I went to often as a kid is probably why I enjoy going to the New Paltz Cinema.


It feels homey, you can beat the price for a film and yes I love real butter on my popcorn.  If you haven't been to one of the three theatres that make up this private group in a while you may not realize they have made a few changes one of which is the comfy premium recliner seats. They cost $1 extra which in my book is a steal.

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So now that I have you wanting to see one of the movies I have trailers for below at the New Paltz Cinema I have to inform you first that they are closed for a few days.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert at New Paltz Cinemas in New Paltz

Five Nights at Freddy's at New Paltz Cinemas in New Paltz

Killers of the Flowers Moon at New Paltz Cinemas in New Paltz

Nightmare Before Christmas at New Paltz Cinemas in New Paltz

It is not clear exactly what they are doing but they announced late last week that they will be closed starting Monday, November 6 through Wednesday, November 8th for some vital repairs. There is no reason at this point to think they won't be reopened by the weekend if not before.

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