It is official Christmas is no longer the only holiday with ugly sweaters. That's right the newest thing for Halloween is the costume is out and the sweater is in. The latest apparel trend for Halloween 2018 is an ugly Halloween Sweater. It is actually being suggested that the traditional costume party be replaced with an Ugly Halloween Sweater Soiree instead.

I imagine that for some folks this would be a welcomed new tradition. Afterall it means no more worrying about what to be for Halloween. You won't have the pressure of trying to decide scary, funny, fiction or fact. Designing and picking a Halloween costume can cause a lot of grief. I decided a long time ago that I would just always go dressed as a witch but even that got tough when I wanted to upgrade the outfit each year.

So no more worrying about whether to be a funny clown or a scary "IT" clown. Instead just find a gastly Halloween sweater. I actually have a Halloween shirt which was purchased for me by a friend from QVC. It has pumpkins and owls along with creepy trees all over it and last year it was my go to outfit for October 31. I actually liked wearing it but I feel like I can't wear it again because everyone saw it last year. So I will be Halloween Sweater Shopping and I hope to see you out there hunting too.

Remember what makes a sweater ugly to one person makes it precious everyday wear to another so don't be afraid to buy whichever one you want. Locally I think you will have lots of stores to choose from try Target then Macy's. If you strike out there head to Kohl's or TJ Maxx. And don't forget the thrift stores. They are a great place for the cast away sweater. Happy Halloween.

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