Some of you may already be doing this Swedish form of exercise and not even realize it. To Plog or go Plogging is to go out for your daily run but bring with you a trash bag and maybe even some gloves. The idea is that as you go along your journey you stop and pick up trash that's on the trail. People who go plogging say it adds something to their routine run because of the extra bending and stretching to pick up debris.

Plogging is a term developed by the Swedes that is the mash-up of the words jogging and "plocka upp" which is the Swedish term for pick up. Just last week the Washington Post online did an article which not only discusses the origin of plogging but also the fact that some of us have been plogging before we even knew there was such a thing.

It is my prediction that plogging will become a fun thing to do this summer with your friends. It doesn't matter if you do it on your daily run on the Hudson Valley Rail Trail or on a holiday weekend hike up Mount Beacon, plogging is good for you and the environment.

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