New businesses in the Hudson Valley have been expanding. While some local establishments have been opening, others have decided to close their doors.

In the Hudson Valley, the fan favorite Tony Boffa's Restaurant closed and a new business opened in the same location.

Hudson Valley Businesses Have Closed Yet Some Have Also Opened

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Tony Boffa's Restaurant officially closed their doors after 71 years of being in business in August 2022. They provided this information on their Facebook page along with the news that the property was sold. From personal experience, they were most known for their mouthwatering, one of a kind and authentic Italian food. 

I had the opportunity to eat at Tony Boffa's and automatically became friends with those who worked there, enjoyed one of the best chicken parm dishes I ever had and left so very full in my heart and stomach. This iconic restaurant will live on in the hearts of Hudson Valley residents.

However, YiShan Korean Restaurant has taken over Tony Boffa’s Restaurant in Middletown, NY. As of January 21, 2023 they were officially open to the public. This is perfect for those who are ready to indulge in delicious Korean food. They have over 20 years of experience in Korean restaurants.

New Businesses in the Hudson Valley

This "Waterfront Warehouse" is a place where families and friends have gathered and shared meals for years. Ole Savannah also provides a space for special events of all kinds such as weddings, parties, events and brunch. Dave Amato is not only making our hearts happy with the news but our stomachs and taste buds too.

Brickmen Kitchen + Bar will open in the Spring of 2023. Just when you thought that you couldn't get enough of Amato's, Ole Savannah opens up a new restaurant. This will be perfect timing as the warmer months are approaching and its location allows guests to window shop in other local businesses before or after their meal.

Guests can look forward to Brickmen Kitchen + Bar which will be located in Uptown Kingston, NY.

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Do you remember Boiston's Restaurant? It will now be in the same location.

How Will Joey's Pizza Of Middletown, NY Live On In the Hudson Valley?

With the news of Joey's Pizza in Middletown, NY closing, Hudson Valley residents were upset. This was a location where customers felt welcomed, looked forward to seeing staff members and formed a relationship with not only those in the business but their authentic Italian food as well.

Over the years, Joey's Pizza guests have enjoyed their one-of-a-kind pizza, authentic meals, and great conversation.

However, good news has arrived in Middletown, NY. Joey's Pizza has new owners and they are open to serve the community.

Who Now Owns Joey's Pizza In Middletown, NY?

Joey's Pizza in Middletown, NY is now under new management.

Personally, I went there to check it out and was happy with my experience. Joey's Pizza fans can visit the same location and enjoy new flavors from new owners. 

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Joey's Pizza in Middletown, NY Gets A Makeover

From personal experience, I was pleased with the new look of Joey's Pizza. The space seems bright, inviting and clean. The beautiful countertops make the room light up and bring a fresh feeling into the room.

Guests can look forward to trying their specialty pizzas, seafood options, appetizers, lunch specials and more.

Joey's Pizza

88 Dunning Rd #11, Middletown, NY 10940

Where is your favorite place to get pizza in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.


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Hudson Valley Businesses That Opened in 2023

If you're looking for the newest hotspot in the Hudson Valley, you don't have to search far. The hottest nightclub in the area may be right in your neighborhood. An authentic taco spot has opened in Orange County, NY and residents have returned numerous times for their mouthwatering meals.

A fan favorite Rhinebeck, NY restaurant has announced their second location in Ulster County, NY. A korean style restaurant has taken over the same building and location of the beloved and popular, Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

Kingston, NY's Ole Savannah owner made an announcement of their new restaurant. This will open in Uptown Kingston in early Spring. A seafood restaurant closed their doors in Middletown, NY but recently reopened in Monroe, NY.

A new plaza opened in Orange County, NY that brought several, local businesses to one location. Within this location, guests can fill up on gas, get their nails and hair done, stop in for some tacos and cash in their cans and bottles.

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