The forecast for this holiday weekend is calling for sun and hot temperatures. Lots of you will be having parties and looking for new recipes for food and drinks that can stand up to a little summer heat. It is always more festive when the snacks and beverages add to the theme of the party.

Fourth of July favorites always include a variety of pies and salads, burger and dogs and the famous red white and blue jello parfait. So how about a red white and blue adult beverage? I found a recipe from HGTV that will be both refreshing and festive. All you need is some white wine, watermelon, pineapple and blue berries. Oh and a star shaped cookie cutter.

For the wine I suggest finding a local vineyard. Last week at my "Spend A Day" at Millbrook Winery I tried their Hunt Country White which I think would go perfect in this sangria recipe. As for finding the fruit definitely start wih your local farm market for the blueberries. The watermelon and pineapple might have to come from your local grocery.

And if you want a sassy recipe there is always Blake Shelton's version.

Happy Fourth of July! And remember always drink responsibly.


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