Who doesn't love a good yard sale. Uncovering other people things that you can't live without. This Saturday is National Garage Sale Day, celebrated every year on the second Saturday in August since it's inception in 2001. C Daniels Rhodes came up with the idea for a National Day when he realized that all his neighbors were holding yards sales on different weekend and figured it would be more convenient all one one day.

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So before you head out this weekend to hunt for treasure I thought it would be a good idea to go over garage sale etiquette.

If you are the seller:

1 - Price items individually or at least group them in areas labeled with one price. For example a dollar table.

2 - Put things in areas that are easy to reach and walk around.

3 - Be willing to sell the items you put out. Don't put out things you are still emotionally attached to and aren't willing to make a deal on. Remember everything is for sale or should be on the lawn.

4 - You aren't on Storage Wars, American Pickers or Antiques Road Show. This is the Stuff you don't want.  It probably isn't worth a fortune or even what you paid for it.

If you are the buyer:

1 - If the sale starts at 9am be their at 9, not 8am or even earlier. Give the people a chance to open the door to the garage. Knocking on the front door an hour early won't get you a deal.

2 - If you see things you like and you want to make sure no one else buys them ask the seller if you can make a pile of things you want to buy and say it loud so others know you are laying claim to those items.

3 - Feel free to ask for a better price but try to refrain from editorial comment if they say no. Making the seller frustrated or insulting them will not get you a better deal.

4 - Most importantly remember that there is usually a circumstance that has led to these people selling the items you want to purchase. Be respectful of the fact that these thing once meant something to the seller. Be will to listen to the story that goes along with whatever you are buying. It makes the seller feel better and might even mean you get a better deal.

Happy Hunting


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