Seriously, there is a "day" for everything.

Apparently today is national Clean off Your Desk Day. When you actually think about it, it's a good time to do it. Ten days into the New Year, maybe you want to be more organized and remove the clutter from your life. I guess today is the day to do it at work. Because we work at a radio station, our desks are a little unconventional. Sure, our bosses have real desks, but this is what we call a desk Monday through Friday:


For the most part I think I have everything organized. I could get rid of the Marie Clair magazine (but I haven't even gotten to the Gina Rodriguez interview, so that stays.) There are sick masks in one of the cups and I think I need to give one to CJ he's got a pretty nasty cold going on. Those obviously need to stay.

Send us a picture of your desk before and after you clean it off. Celebrate National Clean off Your Desk day with me today! Maybe take the week, if you need it, and check out amazon or other sites that offer great desk organizers. 

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