Being "coned" for the first time hasn't been the most enjoyable experience.

My journey of being a dog owner has been, in all honestly rather smooth up until the last week or so. I've had my pup Smalls since July and have gone thorough all of the pup stuff pretty smoothly.

We've done the don't "go" in the house training, which he did really well with. We've experienced teething, with lots of lost teeth and only minimal damage to furniture.😉

When it comes to the important vet care stuff, I've followed everything that my vet, Doctor Alex at Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in Wappingers Falls has recommended I do.

We got all the shots, flea and tick collar, the heart worm chews and just last week it came time for my boy to go under the knife for the first time.

After watching many reruns of my favorite game show, The Price is Right with Bob Barker, at the end of every show he would remind viewers to "get their pets spayed or neutered".....

After hearing him say it 100 times, I asked my vet if it's something I should do and they recommended it just like Bob....LOL! So we made the appointment and had the procedure last Tuesday and everything went GREAT, except when it came to Smalls wearing a "cone" for the first time.

If you have a pet that has had to wear one of these god awful things, you know that it definitely takes a little getting used to.

From the moment we got home from the vet my boy has been having a real hard time trying to make his way around the house. His biggest issue is trying to fit through spaces that he's normally fit fine through. Here's an example....

It was killing me seeing him have such a hard time with things that he never had a problem with before. It was crazy to watch him starting to walk backwards around the house a bunch of times. It was like he was trying to back out of the cone.

After the first day of not taking this circular nightmare off of him, I called the vet (he wasn't eating) I asked them how long do I need to torture him with this thing and they told me that he can have it off anytime I want, as long as I'm around him and I make sure he doesn't go near his incision.

Off it went!!! As soon as I took it off of him, he gave me that look of THANK GOD!!! He went right for his food and water. He ate two full bowls and was all smiles, of course until I had to put it back on him when we went to bed...LOL.

If you have a pet and are planning any sort of vet care that might require them having to wear a cone be prepared for a bit of a struggle and some strange moments trying to deal with it.

Smalls' Photo Shoot Number Two

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