We are heading to Lake George for the first time this weekend, what do we HAVE to do?

If you missed it on the CJ in the morning show today, we got talking about how this weekend me and the family are packing up and heading up to Lake George for the first time, as one of my wife's cousins are getting married up there.

We are only going for a few days and I asked you guys if there are any must do's, like what is the one thing you would recommend we do while we are up there?

We got some great ideas including:

The Mini Haha
Frankenstein's Wax Museum
A&W Root Beer floats
Power Sailing (SCARY)
Around the World Mini Golf
Echo Spot
Oscars Smoke House for the double smoked bacon

Thank you so much for all of the great suggestions, we are going to try out as many of these as we can this weekend and I'll let you know how everything went on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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