Metro-North Officers jumped into action to save a pup stuck on the train tracks.

Dog Found Under MTA Train in the Bronx

ABC7 NY is reporting that 2 MTA heroes went above and beyond to rescue a dog stuck on the train tracks.

According to ABC, MTA Officers Police Lewis, Dolce, and Olivares were on the scene at the MTA station at Morris Heights in the Bronx when they saw the shy and frightened pit bull.

Officer Dolce tells ABC:

"He was kind of like curled up in a little ball, very scared, so you can just tell it was upsetting for him. He had no idea what was going on.

MTA Officers Lure Dog With Lunch and "Doggy Voices"

It took some time for the officers to gain the dog's trust, but Officer Olivares knew exactly the way to the pup's heart: food.

Officer Olivares grabbed his lunch of "ground chicken/ground turkey mix with some pasta" to lure the pup to safety. The added help of Officer Dolce's "best doggy voice" eventually led the dog to safety.

ABC7 NY goes on to report that the dog is unharmed and has a "new leash on life."

Thousands of Dogs Looking for Homes Across New York State

It's no secret that rescues across New York State are having a difficult time finding homes for their rescue pups.

Recently a dog named Tyson went viral for his extremely heartbreaking shelter photo. The Fulton County Regional SPCA  in Upstate New York shared a picture of Tyson looking defeated and explained the pup was showing signs of decline at the shelter.

Tyson has been pacing in circles in his kennel and barely comes outside, even when the staff offers him treats. According to the rescue, Tyso has been in the shelter for over 120 days.

Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook
Fulton County Regional SPCA, Facebook

Since the picture has gone viral, a plethora of adoption applications came in for Tyson. There were so many applications that the Fulton County SPCA had to stop accepting applications. Sounds like things are looking up for Tyson!

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