Movie screenings on Bannerman Island were a runaway success last summer and they're set to continue in the summer of 2018. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure will be the very first movie will be shown on Saturday, June 9th from 7-10pm.

Go ahead and make a night of it, the ferry sets sail from Beacon and the experience includes a tour of the island in addition to the movie. Refreshments will be available for purchase but you might want to grab dinner before you head over. For more information, you can visit their event page on Facebook.

Each of the movie screenings in the summer of 2017 sold out and included classics like Dracula and Creature from the Black Lagoon.

What's up with the Bill and Ted's Sequel?

In early 2017, Keanu Reeves confirmed they were, in fact, working on a new 'Bill & Ted's' movie. According to Reeves, the writers have a story and were trying to flesh it out. Something to the effect of, Bill and Ted are supposed to write a song to save the world, and they haven't done that yet.

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, writer Ed Solomon confirmed the working title is 'Bill & Ted: Face The Music'. The movie will reportedly serve as a tribute to now passed George Carlin who played Bill and Ted's mentor Rufus. Solomon says it's taking so long to get the script done because they want to get it right.

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