There aren't really any statistics online regarding the best time to make lunch for work which is why I thought why not ask the Hudson Valley for their opinion? I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my preferred method is not so far-fetched. Many of you are just like me when it comes to packing lunch.

I took to Facebook and asked the simple question, Do you make your lunch the night before or do you take the ingredients and make it at work? I will tell you I am a make-it-at-work person and apparently a lot of you are as well.

When Do Most People in the Hudson Valley Pack their Lunch for Work

Many people wondered why I didn't offer a third choice which would have been to make it in the morning. I guess I could have included that in the poll but two choices seemed simpler than three. Many of you adlib the answer and said that you make it in the morning. In hindsight, I guess I could have added that as a choice. After all it was a popular answer.

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After glancing through the answers I am realizing that if we use the results of this unofficial pole on Facebook it is a pretty even percentage across the board. It doesn't seem that any one way is the correct way and it also is apparent that our decision is often based on what we will be eating.

Why You Don't Make Your Lunch the Night Before

If it is leftovers it is most likely to get packed the night before. A sandwich according to our pole could go either way depending on its type. Two things did stand out regarding sandwiches and both are why I am a make-at-work girl. One of many reasons for not making a sandwich ahead of time is to avoid soggy bread. The other I hadn't considered is that some Hudson Valley residents don't like cold Bread.

So the conclusion I have come up with from the results based on your responses is that there is no right or wrong answer here. Instead, it's really about preference and I am also glad to know that I am not the only person standing at work assembling a sandwich. Thank you for making me feel less weird.

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